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Robust risk management system:

  • A two-tier risk management system led by the chief risk officer.
  • The Settlement and Risk Control Department and each business department handle different levels of risk control in a timely and efficient manner.
  • The company is continuously improving its risk management system.

Dedicated professional risk managers

  • Most risk managers graduated from top domestic and international academic institutions.
  • All the key members have more than 5 years of professional work experience in the risk management industry.
  • The company highly values team building and has developed a solid education and training program, which combines theory and practice and continues to enhance professionalism and competence of team members.

Flexible and differentiated risk management measures

  • By regularly evaluating and rating customers according to their trading and risk control capability, the company implements differentiated risk management schemes.
  • With prudence principal, we adjust margin requirements and other risk prevention measures to help customers maximize the fund utilization.
  • We set up watch positions for key customers and monitor their margin accounts in real time. We pay close attention to market changes and adjust margin requirements in a timely manner.

Strong problem solving and emergency handling capabilities

  • EBF’s risk managers monitor market changes in real time, constantly evaluate customers’ risk position and take precautionary actions before it is too late.
  • In the event of an emergency like market crash or extreme volatility, we take timely and decisive actions to ensure an immediate risk release.
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