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Zhangjiang Data Center

  • Founded in 2006, the industry’s benchmark of computer center
  • 24/5 on-site engineer support
  • Excellent lab environment with high standard and professional service

Basic Environment :

  • The load bearing of computer lab qualifies the designated bearing standard of elecommunications room
  • Earthquake resistant design withstands up to 8.0 earthquake
  • Precise air-conditioner system guarantees a constant temperature and humidity environment

Electric Power Safety :

  • The data center is equipped with a dedicated transformer substation, and the power is transmitted to transformer substation via two paths
  • The electricity motor room is installed with intelligent UPS system and battery with sufficient capacity to ensure constant power supply to users; it is also equipped with diesel generator set.

Fire Protection :

  • The Data Center adopts fireproofing structure and uses fireproofing construction material. The fire protection capability exceeds carrier-class standard.
  • The computer lab and passageway are installed with the temperature and smoke sensor protection system, as well as fire alarm detectors.
  • The system alarms automatically when on fire,and the inert gas fire extinguishing system will be triggered immediately.

Safety Monitoring :

  • 24/7 professional security personnel
  • Access cards or ID check-in are required when entering the building;
  • Television surveillance and access control system are installed to guarantee the security of hosting facilities and make sure no blind spot monitoring in the entire floor.

Low-Latency Trading

  • EBF's dedicated CTP server is co-located with CFFEX and SHFE exchange and connected with fiber network.
  • The optimization of trading system includes:
    • single point component
    • high performance network and server devices,
    • optimization of hardware performance,
    • optimization of operating system and
    • dynamic optimization of operation management, etc.
  • Optimization in the access to the Exchange part and client server performance

System Performance Indicators

System Capability

  • Trading processing speed can reach 4,000 orders per second and the software itself can reach 150,000 orders per second.
  • The regular response time is less than 1ms.
  • Each port supports up to 5000 customers online simultaneously, and it can be expanded parallelly.

System Reliability

  • Trading core single-point malfunction can be switched instantly.
  • Precise re-computing mechanism that supports fault tolerance, disaster preparation, automatic regression test and error checking, etc.
  • Offer and front adopt proper load balancing plus backup technology, which can be automatically switched.
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