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Risk Management Solution

The risk management solution is provided through Everbright Photon Investment Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of EBF.

Everbright Photon provides risk management services for financial institutions, institutional investors, and other firms and organizations, including processing enterprises, production companies, and trading companies, as well as high net worth individuals.

The Everbright Photon team utilizes all types of spot market products such as commodity warehouse receipts, stocks, ETFs and bonds, and makes full utilization of futures, options, swaps and other financial derivatives, to provide its clients with tailored risk management products.

The business scope covers:

  • Warehouse services
  • Hedging consultancy
  • Basis trading,
  • Pricing services
  • Third party risk management solution
  • Market making and other risk management services.

Everbright Photon(Shanghai) was registered in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone with registered capital of 120 million Yuan.

ShanghaiI ICP No. 08007345
Futures brokerage business license No. 31770000
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