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Execution & Clearing

EBF offers comprehensive execution and clearing services across Chinese derivatives marketplaces. With a dedicated and experienced customer support team, EBF can provide tailored trading solution to institutional investors.

Key services include:

  • Chinese futures and options execution and clearing
  • Professional Trading Desk Support
  • Introducing Brokerage Solutions
  • API Integration
  • Co-location
  • Daily Reporting
  • Prime services to emerging hedge funds and CTAs

EBF is committed to be a service and technology oriented futures firm. As the market evolves, we fully embrace and adapt to the new trend that quantitative investment is play more and more important roles.

Every microsecond Matters
Built for quantitative investment - the industry leading IT platform

  • Advanced core technology applications and support
  • Customized multi-strategy trading terminals
  • Ultra-fast channels for market information transmission
  • Sophisticated risk control system
  • An elite IT support team

We always strive to be microseconds faster and build a first-rate technology platform for quantitative investment teams.

  • Industry-leading execution speed
  • UDP broadcast, proprietary data selection and optimization APIs and Data feed analysis software
  • Computer rooms at four exchanges and ultra-fast futures and securities trading systems constitute a market-leading arbitrage trading environment.
  • An industry leader in terms of transaction speed in all four futures exchanges due to our technical architecture, hardware, network and operating system optimization, and applications of core technologies.
  • The KingNew efficient multi-core asset management system provides rapid futures trading, joint risk control, and performance evaluation functions.
  • Qinhui quantitative trading platform provides programmable trading and back testing functions.
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